Queue (queue) wrote,

Up early

I washed a few dishes last night, but I still have more to do. I hope to get them done today after work. I watched some more Stargate episodes, bringing the total up to 18. Only 3 more to go. Got to bed a little after 10, woke up at 4:30. Drove hrafn to the airport. Got to drive on the new bridge on the way back. And I found my way quite well to her place to drop off the car, so that was cool.

Department meeting at 10:30, with pre-meeting "breakfast treats" at 10:15. Other than that, it'll just be more of working on the stuff I've been working on all this week. We might get done with it tomorrow, depending on how quickly everyone else works. In that case, I have some stuff on my real project to do. For the dead links where the information wasn't on the same site but was probably available elsewhere, I turned over the information to our researcher. I've been getting stuff back from him, so I have a bunch of those to go through and evaluate based on our needs for the particular item. Whee.

Not feeling too excited about the job, now that I don't really have any prospect of getting a permanent position doing what I want. Most likely, I'll end up taking whatever permanent position they offer me, if they do. And I don't really like that. Well, we'll see what things look like in a few months. If my mom ends up not coming out here, maybe I can get a roommate, and that might allow me the flexibility to take a bit of a pay cut. We'll see.

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