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April 23rd, 2003
01:32 pm


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Yesterday after work
I decided to stop by Harvest in Central Square to pick up some lotion for my sunburn and some bread for my stomach. I found some fragrance-free lotion with alpha hydroxy and aloe, and it seems to be doing okay. I put some on several times yesterday evening, and I put some on this morning. I'm getting to feel like I want some more on now, since my arms are starting to heat up a bit. I should have brought it to work.

I caught the 91 in Central and took that to Inman Square, where I stopped in and visited magid. Snacked a bit while she was cooking, and then we played some Boggle. I'm pretty out of Boggle shape. I need to get back into shape before the tournament (I'm pretty certain it's going to be on May 25th. Stay tuned for details). So, now I know that I can easily stop at Harvest after work and just take two buses home (91 to Sullivan, then the 104/109 from there).

Current Mood: hot hands (err, arms)

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Date:April 23rd, 2003 11:50 am (UTC)
dude, it takes longer for a bus to show up than it does to just walk to inman. !!!
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