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Uh oh - Queue — LiveJournal
April 23rd, 2003
10:25 am


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Uh oh
I haven't felt this since I was at my last job: I'm feeling the need to be creative while I'm at work. If this follows the typical pattern, that feeling will have left me by the time I get home. I don't think I want to be feeling this way. I think I would be feeling this way if I ended up staying here doing general editorial stuff. I think I need to start thinking about what exactly I want to do when this contract is up. Luckily, I have three months. When would be a good time to start sending my resumé out to headhunters if I want to be employed by August/Spetember?

I still worry that I won't be able to find anything that I want to do that will also pay me what I'm making now. We'll have to see, I guess.

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Date:April 23rd, 2003 08:05 am (UTC)
You should spend the rest of your contract playing euchrecribbageMu over lunch, because really, how often are you going to work with so many people you know?
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