Queue (queue) wrote,

Lazy Queue

Well, I just found out that you can buy stamps online. So, for an extra dollar, I just bought some stamps. The other thing I have to take care of is renewing my license, but I have a month to do that. Too bad I can't do that online, though.

The bus came 2 minutes earlier today than yesterday. I'm thinking that this is actually the 7:49 bus coming late, not the 8:01 bus coming early. So, I figure I can try to make it to the bus stop by 7:55 and just take whatever bus comes.

No bus tomorrow morning, though. I'm driving hrafn to the airport for her 6:30 flight, dropping the car off at her place, and T-ing in from there. I forget what time we're aiming for, but I will probably be in to work by 7 tomorrow, which will let me make up a little time and still get out early.

I was too afraid of how the hot water would fele on my sunburn to do dishes last night, so instead I watched 3 episodes of Stargate. I finished with the first episode on the fourth (out of five) DVD. It'll probably be another couple of weeks before I'm done. And then maybe I can watch the 2nd season :-) And then maybe start in on Buffy, which theora offered to let me borrow (while saying that I should just get cable).

Okay, time for work. Even with my slowness, I seem to be going at least as fast as the other people working on this stuff, so I'm not too worried about it. And I think I feel like I can have a reasonably productive day today. We'll see.
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