Queue (queue) wrote,

Job update

So, there were two main points brought out in the meeting, neither exactly what I was expecting:

  1. There are a few permanent positions open, but those are on hold for a little while. The new owners (the company changed hands around January) want to do various whatever-type things, evaluating positions and such-like, I guess.
  2. They are moving away from having positions solely for the tech products (except for my supervisor). Right now, there are a lot of tech things happening, so I'll be mostly busy with them through the remaining length of my contract, After that, however, it could be another 6-8 months before there is any tech work, and, even then, it won't be as much as there is now, since the future for this company is spreading the tech work around all of editorial, not just concentrating it in one person. So I would be doing all sorts of editorial work, not just tech stuff.

It's the tech stuff that I've really been enjoying, what got me to consider a permanent position here. I guess I'll just wait and see if a position does become available and how I feel about things then. I really don't want to be writing chapters and exercises and stuff like that, but I also don't want to take a pay cut, and I certainly don't want to be unemployed. I don't have much faith that I could work for anyone other than a textbook publisher and make what I'm making now, at least starting out. I'll just have to see what the economy looks like in a few months and what other job prospects I can come up with.

Anyway, I feel okay about the meeting. I got all sorts of good things said about me, and heard more about good things other people have said about me, and I'll never complain about that.
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