Queue (queue) wrote,

Uninspired by work again today, but that's not a big surprise, since I'm doing the same stuff I was doing on Friday. I hope my other work picks up again soon, since that takes precedence for me over this stuff.

Dinner for gaming last night was excellent. Sausage and slices of pork cooked with sauerkraut and apples. Yum. Yum. I think I might have to look into making some sauerkraut of my own. I made strawberry-rhubarb dumplings for dessert, and they went over very well, too. I'd burned the stuff a little at the bottom of the pot, but you really couldn't tell. Yummy, the right amount of sugar, and the dumplings had a really nice consistency.

Gaming was interesting. Learned about what other people did the past couple of sessions, but I also learned some new stuff on my own. I kind of wish that I would have heard about it without the other people in the room, because I got questions about it that I might not have gotten otherwise. It's hard to do, though, when I'm doing stuff while other people are around and I see stuff they don't see. I think I'd be a lot more inclined to share less information until I saw it as relevant ot other people. Instead, my character is pretty much forced into sharing all of the information right away. But, whatever, it's still fun. I really don't see how our characters are going to be able to finish this campaign successfully, though. Our opponents seem powerful, knowledgeable, and willing to use their power. We may be powerful, but there is so much we don't know, and we're afraid to use our powers too much. We'll see how things progress.

There, that killed 7 minutes. Time to get back to work.
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