Queue (queue) wrote,

Story Reading

Was very good. We had a story from Viking mythology, an essay on gluttony and books, a fairy tale from the Red Fairy Book, a story from Chicks in the Mail (from the Chicks in Chainmail series), and a few chapters from Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. I read two bits from Knights of the Dinner table and one chapter of Le Petit Prince. I alternated between reading it in French and giving my own rough translation in English. I enjoyed it, but I was probably the only one. I'm pleased with how much of it I was able to understand. I think I might start mixing little bits of that in with my reading of the French textbook.

Dinner was excellent. The soup was good, and the trout was even better. The bread pudding finished things off very nicely. Yum. A day full of cooking can be a really nice thing.

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