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Just spent the first three hours at work today mostly in meetings. Because I was up late for the Seder last night (which was excellent, by the way), I slept in this mornings, so just made it in 5 minutes before my 9:30 meeting. I had enough time to ask someone a quick question about some stuff I was looking at yesterday evening. Oh, and I found a note on my monitor thanking me for finding an error in the stuff I was looking at. It wasn't something I was necessarily supposed to be looking at, but I saw it anyway, and it was appreciated. I was very surprised and pleased to get the note. Then the 9:30 meeting which was the debriefing for the first project i worked on here, that project troubled with many technical and other problems. That went to 11. I finally was able to grab some food (Seder leftovers. Mmmmmmmmm) and finish up something, then I had another meeting at 11:30, impromptu. And that went for an hour, explaining some work that I'll be helping out with (along with some other people) over the next week or so. I'm not sure how much of that I'll be doing. It depends on what happens when with my "real job".

No plans until the story reading tomorrow night, so I'm looking forward to having some good at-home time after work. A full day would have me leaving at 4:30. I might cut out of here a little early depending on exactly where I am with the work I have. I walked away from the meeting with some work, but I'm waiting on some photocopy of something before I can actually start. I do have some new links that I can check out that the researcher sent me for my real job, so I might check those out now.

And Kevin's tip for the day: it looks like the future of textbook publishing (at least what I can see) is moving away from QuarkXpress. At least at this company, it looks very possible that InDesign will be the product of choice.
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