Queue (queue) wrote,


I went to the Diesel after work. I picked up the French photography magazine (Photo) from zzbottom. Some really nice pictures, and I even looked at some of the text. I'm going to take a closer look at the articles later, see how much of them I can read. There is a translation of the articles included, so I can check stuff against that if needed, which is cool. Still reading the French textbook. My goal is to be able to read Le Petit Prince, so I guess I should pull that out and see what I can make of it so far. Mostly, I think I just need to pick up my vocabulary again, and probably verb tenses.

Played a few games of pool at the Diesel, with some shots that I was pretty happy with, so that was cool.

Played several games of Light Speed at rikchik's. I really like these new Cheapass card games. Light Speed is sort of like Icehouse, except it's fun.

I don't have any real work to do, so I went hunting down work from other people. I'm doing some proofreading now, which is fine. I'm a bit anxious to get back to the project I was just working on, but things have to wait until people get back into the office, since there are some higher-ups traveling this week.

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