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April 13th, 2003
11:48 am


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Some bits of productivity today.

  • Finished up all of the dishes, and I've even got the Ziploc bags soaking in soapy water.
  • Cleaned up the kitchen table and the living room. Put my clean clothes away.
  • Did some Krayzen editing (and getting a bit frustrated that majes didn't fix stuff on page 3 that I clearly marked on page 2).
  • Added the KODT Webstrip to my comics page.

And, hey, it's still before noon. Unless something more interesting comes up, I think the rest of the day will include:

  • more Krayzen editing
  • TV (a Scientific American Frontiers that I haven't seen is on today)
  • reading some French textbooks
  • a walk
  • probably some cooking
  • more TV (new King of the Hill and Simpsons tonight)

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