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April 9th, 2003
01:48 pm


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Plum jam
Made jam last night. Plums and lime juice (and a little lemon juice), pectin, sugar, and ginger powder. Got 6 half-pint jars filled. The bit I tasted that was left in the pot was pleasantly tart. I will probably open one of the jars soon to use for sandwiches.

I listened to my first Red Sox game on the radio last night. I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much. It was a nice thing to have on while I was doing dishes and making jam, and it was pleasant to just sit and listen to, especially since I had someone with me who could explain some of the terminology.

I haven't heard, so I guess I won't be going to the game in the company's suite on Friday, which is fine, since the weather probably won't be good. I'm looking forward to going on Patriot's Day. Even if the weather isn't good then, at least I will get a hot dog.

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