Queue (queue) wrote,


When I leave work in 15 minutes, I'll have been here for 10 hours, 3 hours more than I'm normally here. And, really, the time has just flown by. I had an hour and a half intro to Mac OS X, which I didn't really need, since I've been using OS X since I started working here, but they said that I should go and maybe be able to share some insights or something. Other than that, I've been working, and I'm really enjoying my current project. Too bad it's not going to last much longer. I'll probably be mostly done with it tomorrow, especially if tomorrow is as long of a day as today was.

I'm working extra hours because I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday and a possible baseball game (I'll find out tomorrow or Wednesday if I got randomly selected for one of the ticket's in the company's suite) on Friday, both at 2. This means I'll need to leave work early, so getting in some extra time now is good.
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