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For consideration at the next meeting

NOTE: This was supposed to be in 100percentwork, but I don't have posting access to that community. Can someone fix that, please?

(So, are we meeting this Wednesday for sure?)

This relates to how to refer to the different categories of a multi-category skill within the skill itself.

Since Pain of Life from the Comsez is in front of me now, I'll use that as an example. Pain of Life has the categories Range, Effectiveness, Speed, and Duration. We (I forget which subset of "we" this was) had previously decided to refer to these categories just like that, "Range", "Effectiveness", "Speed", "Duration". The Comsez template is doing things a bit differently. "Pain of Life: speed", for example. And usually, it's in bold: "Pain of Life: speed". I think this is a bit better, and a bit less likely to cause confusion to someone. I don't think it needs to be in bold, but I do like the idea of having the skill name in there. I would definitely capitalize the subcategory, though. So it would look like:
This power takes 10 actions to activate. Every 10% in Pain of Life: Speed beyond 20% reduces the casting time by 1 action, with a minimum casting time of 2 actions. A successful speed casting conjures the spell as if the caster's Pain of Life: Speed score were 30% higher.

For now, I'm marking up the files to be like the original way that we had settled on, but I thought I'd throw this out there for consideration.

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