Queue (queue) wrote,

An evening, a night, and a morning

I finished off the fish when I got home and did some Krayzen work. Then I watched some TV. Then I went to bed. At 8:00. I was tired.

Woke up at 11, then again at 3. Was awake for a while after that, but managed to get some more sleep. Awake again at 5:30, stayed in bed, maybe sleeping some more, until about 6:20.

I had an email waiting for me this morning from someone who had found my recipe for kosher tandoori chicken in Issue 04 of my Compendium. She wanted to know what brand of soy yogurt I had used, since all she could find were brands that were certified dairy or dairy equipment. A quick email to magid got the brand: WholeSoy. I really like getting email from strangers about my Web pages. And I found out that my page is ont he first page of Google results for kosher soy yogurt and is the top (and only) result for "kosher soy yogurt". My front page collects Google search terms for which one of my pages is the first result, so I added that to it.

I'm waiting to go in until a bit later again today, since I have nothing to do until my boss brings stuff by, so I don't really want to be sitting around there doing nothing until then. So I'll sit around here and post and email and such.

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