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New project - Queue — LiveJournal
April 3rd, 2003
03:49 pm


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New project
So I got briefed on the next thing I'll be working on. My supervisor will bring me the full info tomorrow morning, so I can get started.

So, McDougal Littell has this thing called ClassZone. I just spent some time checking it out (since I have nothing else to do right now). It has various extra bits for the different books we publish. So, for the math books, there are extra examples, extra exercises, data updates, help with problems, and various other things. Some of the things they have are little writeups about specific applications and careers that are mentioned in the book. Sometimes, these have links to outside Web sites. There is some sort of tool they have to go through and generate a report of links that aren't working. I get to generate two of these reports for each book (to see if the timeout results are just the result of traffic) and then investigate what to do about the "downed links." Some may just be reorganizations of the file strcture, in which case I just point to the new place. Other may just be gone, or the data may be changed, or other things like that. So, it looks like this project will involve both research and writing (for when the data has changed). This sounds like quite a bit of fun, actually.

And my supervisor mentioned that he doesn't think there is currently a way to generate a report for all of our books and that he was going to talk to some people about that. As soon as I figure out how exactly this stuff works, I will probably try my hand at making my own tool in Perl to do that. Hell, it would be easy enough to just write the whole tool myself. It's not much different than other things I've already done.

And look at that, it's time to go now.

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