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Yawn - Queue — LiveJournal
April 2nd, 2003
07:22 pm


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I cooked up the rest of the tilapia. There were six fillets left and enough seasoning for four of them. So I mixed up a differetn seasoning for the other two. I ate three of the fillets, and I have three left for lunch tomorrow.

Did up the dishes before making dinner, so there are only a few from dinner now. Yay me. Unfortunately, I'm not too motivated to do much else. I think I may just go to sleep after The Simpsons. I could get 9 hours of sleep and be up at 5. Mmmm, sleep.

I finished the project I was working on. Now I just have to spend an hour or two tomorrow morning entering the remaining error reports into the spreadsheet. My supervisor seemed very happy with me. He's got no work for me just yet, so I sent an email to some other people to see if they have anything for me. I'll see when I get in to work in the morning.

Less typing, more Simpsons.

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