Queue (queue) wrote,

Reflections on a Random Journal

Today is tradmrk. According to his profile, he'll be celebrating his 80th birthday a week from today. Happy 8-0, tradmrk.

I think I've lost interest in this random journal thing. I didn't do one yesterday, mostly because I didn't have the time, but, still. It seems to be what I do: lose interest in things. It's easy for me to get excited by the idea of something, but, when it comes to the actual implementation, that's where I usually come up short. Must be some combination of fear of failure and just plain laziness. Of course, I couldn't possibly have the time to do everything that I get interested in, so maybe it's just a product of being interested in so many things. Upon furhter reflection, I actually seem to be doing pretty well now with recognizing that, even though I'm interested in something, I'm not going to have time for it. That way, I don't start something and then stop it, making my self feel bad for Quitting Yet Another Thing. And I'm spending my time doing things (and people, heh) that are important to me. I'm spending time with loved ones, I'm getting my work done, and I'm starting to do some work for New Genre. It might be nice to do all sorts of things, but I've got a full enough life already, and I don't have to do every new thing (or person) that comes along. Just this morning on the way to work, I was thinking about making a client to play Jotto (prompted by my screwing up royally when scoring a game with a friend). And I thought about it for a while, and then I dismissed it, in part because doing a client would enable you to just input words for people, and they could go at their own pace, but then it would turn into almost a solitaire game, where, when you're sending emails back and forth and alternating turns, while you're essentially playing a solitaire game, it feels like you're playing a two-person game, and I wouldn't want to lose that. But I also dismissed the idea because I know I wouldn't have time for it, and I know I wouldn't finish it, even if I managed to start it.

I'm happy being a friend and an editor and, as has occasionally happened in the recent past, a spark for ideas in others.

Okay, this turned out being a better reflection than I thought. I guess I'll keep this up for a little while longer.
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