Queue (queue) wrote,


Did some work today, both job stuff and Krayzen stuff. Read my book (I'm close to halfway done). Napped on the couch with the door open. Was nice, except for the weird dreams, where I couldn't move much. I actually remember more of the dreams, but I'm too lazy to sit here and type them in.

Went and visited a sick cat. Had zuppa and watched Conan. It's been a while since I've watched it all the way through. I usually just watch the beginning and then turn it off, having gotten my fill. I really like the beginning parts, but there are some decent scenes in the second half, as well.

More work tomorrow, of both kinds, and more reading. That still leaves me a good portion fo the day, so I'll have to see what I feel like doing. I guess it depends on the weather.
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