Queue (queue) wrote,

New Genre

So I think I posted a while ago about possibly doing stuff for this horror and science fiction magazine called New Genre. Well, I finally went in to their office yesterday and got some work to do. I have 4 stories to proofread, an Excel database to put into Access, and some research to do on the cost of networking their two computers and finding a better web-based email system than they're using now. I meet back with them on the 25th of this month, and then every or every other Monday for an hour or two. Most of the work, though, I can do from home. And, since my roleplaying group isn't meeting on Mondays for the next 10 weeks, we're taking this time as the trial period to see how things go coming in for an hour on Monday and doing everything else from home. So, I've committed to the next 10 weeks of this.

I'm not getting paid, but I'm getting experience, some fun, and some good resume stuff. Plus, I'll get my name in something that gets published, which has happened a couple of times already with math books that I helped proofread.

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