Queue (queue) wrote,

A day

Got a decent amount of work done, although not quite as much as I was expecting, partly due to how many errors there are in this latest batch. I'll probably finish up Thursday, and then it'll be time to start in on the next batch. Should be done with all of this by week after next, I hope.

Had a nice email conversation in German today, even though I speak no German. Bread dough is rising to make more flatbreads. Mmmm. I'm using actual wheat flour this time. I can't remember the last time I baked with actual wheat flour. I was in a bind last week, needing to make brownies but being afraid I didn't have enough flour. So I bought regular flour, since that's the kind of store I was at. I had enough spelt flour for the brownies, and for more brownies, and for flatbreads. Finally used up the last of the spelt, so now I'll work through this. I'm hoping that these flatbreads turn out better than the last ones. They were fine, but they weren't anywhere near as good as magid's flatbreads. And, of course, I forgot to put any kind of seasoning on them other than olive oil. I hope I don't forget again with these.

Time to do some more dishes.
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