Queue (queue) wrote,

Boggle Tournament

Just a preliminary warning that it looks quite possible that there will be another Boggle tournament on Sunday, May 25th. It also happens to be my birthday and Memorial Day weekend. I'm thinking about making people register and charging an entrance fee this time, so that I can be sure of how many people I will have. All the money collected will be donated to a charitable organization. Anyone have an thoughts on the collection of a registration fee?

And, yes, I know Labor Day weekend might find people out of town. I'd like to hear about it if you'd like to make it to the Boggle tournament but won't be in town that day.

And, yes, I still owe last year's winner a T-shirt. I think I'll make 2 T-shirts at the same time, so I'll have one on hand for this year's winner (and since someone else won the first tournament, I won't feel bad about winning this one).

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