Queue (queue) wrote,

Reflections on a Random Journal

Almost forgot to do this until I posted my Googlewhack and remembered.

Today is jellybelly007. Not much interesting. Apparently she's a 23-year-old mother of a little boy, and she watches Ricki Lake, Maury, and Sally. Whee. Although then I actually paid attention to her user name, and that's the nickname we used to have for my sister (my sister's name is Kelly, so Kelly Jelly Belly flowed easily from that). Kind of interesting that jellybelly007 is only a little more than a month older than my sister. I'm sure I'll find all sorts of little coincidences as I'm doing this, which is not surprising. The chance of any particular coincidence happening is pretty small, but there are a lot of possible coincidences, so the chance of some coincidence happening is pretty good.

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