Queue (queue) wrote,


I wonder if it's just the large amounts of time at home that make napping possible, or if I'm sick, or if I'm depressed, or what. Whatever is happening, I've been napping the past couple of days. I haven't napped regularly for quite a while. Still tired, but I don't know if I should jsut give in and nap or if I should force myself to stay awake and do stuff.

Got an hour of work in this morning. Watched some Saturday morning cartoons. Made garlic mashed potatoes and salmon for lunch with hrafn. Made brownies to finish off the frosting. Feeling like I want to go out and do something tonight, but I've got no place to go. Bah. Well, maybe I'll do a little work now and see how that feels. Oh, I did do some laundry (not the sheets yet, I'll do those tomorrow), and I got all of the recycling put into the bin and bags and moved to the door, ready to be taken out Wednesday morning. Kitchen looks much nicer. Oh, and I washed all fo the dishes, except for some of the ones I dirtied again today.
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