Queue (queue) wrote,

Part of a dream

I saw a bunch of airplanes in the sky, and I pointed them out to the people I was with. I knew they were on their way to Iraq. Then, a little later, the sky was full of missiles. I kind of suggested to people that they might be our missiles, heading out, but it sonn became apparent that they were missiles coming at us, fired from Iraq. There were so many of them. We ran and hid in some sort of cave, but we knew that, with as many missiles as there were, there was nowhere we could hide.

After getting up, I decided to go for a walk, since I didn't take advantage of the nice weather at all yesterday. Very nice morning out. Pleasantly cool, slightly damp, overcast. I walked around the park and took some pictures, thinking about this week's photochallenge theme, Youth/Children.

My left calf has been hurting sporadically for quite a while. It hurt more right when I got up this morning, and that made me remember that, at one point, I'd had a theory that it had to do with the way I was sleeping. I might have to try paying more attention to what I'm doing with my left leg when I'm sleeping.
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