Queue (queue) wrote,


Checking email and LJ in the Apple store at the Cambridgeside Galleria yesterday before dance class, I felt a little light-headed. Didn't last too long, so I didn't worry about it much. I didn't eat very well yesterday (2 bacon-egg-and-cheese croissanwiches for breakfast, spicy chicken fillet for lunch, and Chinese food for dinner), so that was probably it. Sitting here in the basement, just having finished an hour of work (where I was almost as productive as I was the entire day yesterday), I am finding myself light-headed again. And I even ate breakfast this morning (half a grapfruit and 2 bowls of cereal).

I wonder if I'm sick. That would be just great for the me weekend. Blah. Time to go lie down for a bit and read, see if I feel better.
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