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Signs - Queue — LiveJournal
March 21st, 2003
08:21 am


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My favorite signs from yesterday's protest:

"Who the hell do we think we are?"

"Boycott American Cheese"

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Date:March 21st, 2003 05:59 am (UTC)

American Cheese

If they mean those slices that come in orange or white, that's something that could definitely be supported war or not.

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Date:March 21st, 2003 06:03 am (UTC)
i'm all for foreign cheeses. mhw spoiled me with real cheddar from Cheddar.
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Date:March 21st, 2003 07:00 am (UTC)

Boycotting American Cheese

Aw, man. Too bad I already do that.
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Date:March 21st, 2003 07:03 am (UTC)

Re: Boycotting American Cheese

Of course, now you can write letters explaining why you continue to not use their product...
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Date:March 21st, 2003 08:29 am (UTC)
We could change the name to "Freedom Cheese" in protest, but I think the country formally known as France would be insulted, not wanting such blecky cheese to be associated with them and their new moniker.
I think I'd like to go on a trip to Freedom right now, walk the streets of romantic Liberty, along the Justice River, and look up at the lovely Screw You Warmongering American's tower. Yeah, that would be sweet.

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