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So I walked outside my building to find a huge mass of people marching down the street. So I joined them. The energy and emotion were intense for me. It felt really good to be marching, to be showing my opposition to the war, even if in just a very small way. It also made the war a bit more real to me, since I'd sort of been not thinking about it most of the day.

I followed the march along to Park Street, where I got on the T for my plans for the rest of the evening. If I hadn't had plans, I would have just kept marching as long as it went on.

Learned some more steps at the swing dancing lessons. I think all of them were somewhat familiar from the brief foray into swing in the ballroom lessons I took something like 3 years ago. My partner did very well, picking up the steps quickly. She did better than me a lot of the time, and she had more complicated steps (the turns) and had never done this sort of dancing before. Next week is the live band, so that should be fine. I should at least try to find some time to run over the steps in my own mind sometime before next Thursday.

Start of the me weekend has news of the first U.S. casualties. After checking LJ, I think I'm going to do an hour of work before I do anything else, since I really want to get a lot of it done this weekend. So, my major goals for this weekend are:

  • Get my work done
  • Get an initial, working version of the letter-for-letter word game stuff going
  • Get the kitchen cleaned up (mostly just dishes, but I may wash the floor or something)
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Do laundry, including sheets
  • Get my room clean
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