Queue (queue) wrote,

My "help"

While I'm sure he's doing a thorough job, the editor helping me with this assignment is doing it very slowly. He just came over to talk to me, and I estimate that I'm doing it something more than 3 times as fast as he is, and he's not the slacker type. 1) I think I'm more efficient at this kind of thing than most people. 2) I think he's being too thorough, reporting things that are dumb with the interface but not wrong. There are enough things that are just plain wrong that I don't want to waste my time reporting on things that are merely dumb. Oh well, at least it's a little bit of stuff that I won't have to do. Of course, as I say this, I'm in competetion with myself for my least productive day here ever. I have a little over an hour left here, and I'd like to at least surpass my least productive day. Okay, no more LJ until that's done.
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