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My supervisor is sick today. Well, that's not the cool part. She has the flu, she aches all over. She came in to pick up some work to do from home (she normally works from home on Wednesdays, so she'll have to have stuff to do then if she's feeling better). She sent an email to the people on my book and cc'd it to Boss Lady and Big Boss. In it, she asked me to take care of transmitting outlines of my chapter and chapters of two other people on Thursday if she's still not in. Also, she asked me in person to open any FedEx packages that show up on her desk and, if they are comments on people's chapters, give them to the appropriate person and tell them to make a copy for her.

Granted, it's not much, but it's soemthing, and she didn't have to pick me to do it; the people whose chapter outlines are also going out on Thursday have both been here longer than I have, but it's me she asked to do it. Knowing that I'm noticed and appreciated here will make the decision to leave a lot tougher. We'll see what happens. I still have the alleged meeting with Big Boss this week, but, judging by past experience, the chances of that actually happening this week are probably around 50%.
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