Queue (queue) wrote,


I had a lot of fun playing Zendo last night. I need to play it more. The first rule I played I got from Karl, from his list of rules gotten from his Zendomizer. But I also did a couple of rules of my own, which I thought went pretty well. The one that i did that I thoguht was a bit more challenging was a bit more challenging, but it didn't take too long for them to get it, so I was really pleased with that rule. And I'm also pleased that I got a rather more difficult rule when someone else was master, although I must admit that those are the types of rules that I tend to focus on first (pip count), so it makes sense that I would get it.

Trying not to think about other stuff going on. Don't really feel motivated to work, however. I'm really going to try to avoid watching the television this weekend. It's just going to depress me. I will instead do creative things, doing my little part to counter the destruction going on.
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