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The Girl Who Had Whipped Avocado Dessert On Her Brain (a picture book)

There once was a girl named Anne. [picture of a girl, about 8]

Anne loved to read cookbooks. Her favorite cookbook was Betty Crocker's Cookbook of Absolutely Everything. It had all sorts of recipes that were not in any other cookbook. [picture of Anne spread out on the floor read Betty Crocker's Cookbook of Absolutely Everything]

It had Lima Bean Ice Cream, [picture of a bowl of ice cream with lima beans in it]

Jelly Bean Lasagna, [side view of lasagna with jelly beans in it]

Brussels Sprouts Marmalade, [picture of a jar of marmalade with Brussels sprouts floating in it]

and Pickle Cake. [picture of a round cake with whole pickles sticking out of it]

But Anne's favorite recipe was [picture of Anne, smiling]

Whipped Avocado Dessert. [large picture of a gooey greenish glop in a bowl]

Anne asked her mother to make it for her every day, but her mother always said no. [picture of a dejected Anne and her mother]

"That's just wrong," said her mother. And, when Anne had asked many times, "Anne, you have Whipped Avocado Dessert on the brain." [picture of Anne's mother's face]

Anne wondered what it would be like to have Whipped Avocado Dessert on her brain. [picture of Anne with a thought balloon of herself with the gooey greenish glop all over the top of her head]

One day, Anne got sick. Her head hurt, and she had a fever. [picture of Anne in bed, under the covers, with a thermometer in her mouth]

Anne's mother took her to the doctor's office. [pciture of Anne holding her mother's hand, going into a hospital]

The doctor took some X-rays. [picture of an X-ray of Anne's head]

The doctor said, "Well, Anne, it looks like you have Whipped Avocado Dessert on the brain." [picture of the doctor pointing to the X-ray, Anne looking on in wonder]

"I know," said her mother. [picture of Anne's mother]

"You need plenty of rest," said the doctor. "No school, and no reading cookbooks." [picture of the doctor looking sternly at Anne, who looks disappointed]

Anne spent the next two weeks in bed doing nothing. It was very boring. [picture of Anne in bed, staring at the ceiling]

After that, Anne felt better. "I'm so glad you're feeling better," said her mother. [picture of Anne, in pajamas, standing next to her bed, with her mother standig next to her smiling]

"I'm so glad that I'm going to make you Whipped Avocado Dessert." [picture of Anne's mother, beaming]

"Oh," said Anne. "I know how to make that. You need avocados, whipping cream, powdered sugar, and lime juice." [picture of two avocados, a container of whipping cream, some powdered sugar in a bowl, and a lime]

"Ick," said her mother. "But I'll make it for you." [Anne's mother with an "ick" kind of look on her face]

So her mother made Whipped Avocado Dessert. [picture of Anne's mother, busy in the kitchen]

When it was ready, Anne sat at the table with her bowl of Whipped Avocado Dessert. [picture of Anne sitting at a table with a bowl of the gooey greenish glop]

Anne took a big spoonful [picture of a hand holding a spoon, laden with gooey greenish glop]

and tasted it. [picture of Anne with the spoon in her mouth]

[same picture, but now Anne has an "ick" expression on her face]

"Ick," said Anne. And she never read that cookbook again. [picture of Betty Crocker's Cookbook of Absolutely Everything discarded, under a bed]

The End.
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