Queue (queue) wrote,

Derailed a bit

I was all set to get to work reviewing the little word match flip card things, the last little bit of the stuff I'm reviewing. Then I noticed that this batch is a little different from the first batch I did, enough so that I needed to fire off an email to in-charge type people to see which way is the correct way. So, I'm not going to work on that. I guess that means I'll be entering the other stuff from this batch into the spreadsheet now. It might actually turn out to be better this way, since the spreadsheet stuff will be split up a bit, so I might turn out to be a little less zombified at the end.

Interesting reading this morning. Still on How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy. Card makes an interesting point, one I hadn't thought of before. In speculative fiction, things are taken literally, at least early on in a book or story. He gives an example of a story where the author talks about people getting off of an airplane and onto a "reptile bus." Experienced readers of speculative fiction took that literally, thinking that it was some sort of dinosaur pulling a tram, or something. People who don't read speculative fiction took it to mean, as the author intended, one of those long buses with squishy connectors, so that it wriggled around like a reptile. Basically, the idea is that, when you are writing in a genre where anything can happen, people will be perfectly willing to believe that anything has happened. Expect it, in fact. Anyway, I thought it was interesting.

The other thing I got from this morning's reading is that I think I want to read Octavia Butler's Wild Seed. Card uses it to demonstrate various things, and he also recommends it as a really great book. I saw Octavia Butler at Readercon over the summer, but I've never read any of her books.

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