Queue (queue) wrote,

And there was light, and it was good

I turned out the light at 10:24 last night and was asleep well before 11. i woke up once around 5 something, and then I woke up for good around 6, getting out of bed not too long after that. I even made it in to work by 7:20. I kept the blinds open so that I would wake up with the morning light, and it worked. I feel very good having gotten up with the light. As long as I can manage to get to bed early, I will do well getting up early. I really like when it gets light early.

So, because I got in to work early, I can leave by 2:30, giving me plenty of time to go shopping and make a dessert for gaming tonight. Whee.

I got the work done over the weekend that I wanted to get done. I think I should finish with this current batch, including entering it all into the spreadsheet, by Wednesday. Then onto the next batch. Not sure yet how much help I'm going to get with the rest of it.
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