Queue (queue) wrote,

Reflections on a Random Journal

Today's journal is lilscgerly's. She is 16 years old and lives in West Virginia. Her most recent journal entry is a poll result (gifted child test. She was apparently 62% of a gifted child), so I was about to just dismiss today as more of the same. I read the previous entry, though, and found a little more interesting things. She is going to be ordained in the Presbyterian church, whatever that means, and this is apparently the first major life decision that she's made without her mother. At first, I thought her mother had died. Reading the whole entry made me see that wasn't the case, so I checked out the profile page (where I found out that the church was Presbyterian) and for some unknown reason actually checked out her (AOL) web site. I think it was her bio that made me do it. She seems to have a lot of depth for a 16-year-old. She is an actor in school plays, she tutors, she volunteers, she's on the student council, and yet she feels very much on the outside. She also said that she's "great at math," which is always nice to hear. So, anyway, I checked out her web page. She had links to various pages of hers (no thanks, I don't want to see any picture pages). One of them was something called her "Awareness Page." I was actually hoping to get some insight into her ordination and thought that maybe this "Awareness Page" would have something to do with that. It turns out it's a bipolar disorder awareness page. She tells the story of her mother, who started showing signs of bipolar disorder when lilscgerly was 14. Long story short, her mother is off roaming the country somewhere. She calls maybe once a month, and she has delusions of persecution and stalks people and leaves hundreds of notes everywhere. Writing that page was obviously therapeutic for her. More sobering still was that the past 3 generations of women in her family all had bipolar disorder develop in them in middle age. lilscgerly fears that it might happen to her, too.

I guess this isn't as much a reflection as just talking about what I saw on the page, but there you go.
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