Queue (queue) wrote,


The concert was pretty good. This was my second time seeing Symphony X, and I was more familiar with their music this time, so I enjoyed it more. I just wish it had been longer. They only played for a little over an hour. Oh well.

Ate some lemon meringue pie after getting home last night and finished off the Sandman series. What a great series. Once I finish reading all of the books I own but haven't read (hah!), I should hunt down some of Neil Gaiman's regular fiction.

Woke up some time before 5 from some weird nightmare. Fell back asleep and woke up shortly after 6 from some other weird dream. Tossed around for a while, finally got up a little before 7, since I didn't want to have more nightmares. Got in close to two hours of work. Going to do breakfast, then more work, then some games, then more work, then to bed. I really need to try better to get to bed at a reasonable hour, at least during the week. I really do a whole lot better when I go to bed early and wake up early.
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