Queue (queue) wrote,

I'm almost disappointed

I was in the chair for as much time as it took me to walk there and back. I guess I must have been mistaken, or the hygeinist was, or something. He was just doing an exam today, and he said that my teeth were fine except for my upper left wisdom tooth. No talk of fillings. No cavities except that one. Basically, I have no lower left wisdom tooth (never did), so the upper one has nothing to push against, so it's slowly dropping. That's somehow cuasing the decay. He gave me a referral to an oral surgeon (one in the same building) and said I should have it removed. No rush, though. And, he said it should take about 3 minutes to take it out, since it's so far down, anyway. So, yay.

I think I'll wait to schedule that appointment until after I get all the ass-poking out of the way with, though.
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