Queue (queue) wrote,

Ides of March

Leaving for the dentist soon. The best thing about that is that it will be over soon. Blah. Probably the biggest thing is that it's unknown. Since I've neve rhad fillings before, I have no idea what it's going to be like, and I've heard people tlk about different kinds of experiences with this.

The Pi Day party was excellent. There were 11 pies in all (I'll post pictures, soon). I had the movie Pi on, later The Simpsons with French audio, although I didn't watch much of either. Pi song was sung and pi(e) poem was read. Much pie was consumed. I'm pleased with how my pies turned out. I made lemon meringue and strawberry glacé. Now all that's left is the cleaning up and the eating of the leftover pie. Got some dishes soaking now, which I'll take care of before going to the dentist. Then probably use dishes as a bit of a break from doing some work after the dentist.

Speaking of health stuff, the doctor visit yesterday went okay. They found something that was probably a hemorrhoid, but it didn't look exactly like one. So they gave me a prescription for something to loosen my stools and had me schedule a followup in 3-4 weeks. They wanted to make sure that it got better. They said I shouldn't have any more bleeding, except maybe a little streaking if any old blood clears its way out.

Well, I had blood in my stool again this morning. As much as was there yesterday morning and the morning before that. Blargh. It may be jsut residual or whatever, but I doubt it. If it happens again tomorrow, I guess I'll call them and see what's up. I imagine I'll get referred to a gastorenterologist, which is what they said they'd do in 3-4 weeks if things hadn't cleared up. I got blood drawn yesterday, too. I'll bet I'm going to have to get more blood drawn. And, of course, I'm sure they won't be able to figure out what's wrong, it'll go away on its own after a while, and I'll be out the money for the office visits for nothing.
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