Queue (queue) wrote,

Mortgage refinancing

Talked to someone at the bank I'm doing the mortgage refinancing through. I need to rustle up a few more pieces of paper for them, but they were able to lock in a rate of 5.75% today, which is a full point lower than the current mortgage, I believe. It's also, I believe, 3/8 of a point lower than when I first talked to them, which means my monthly payment is going to be even lower than I had first thought. Depending on exactly how the numbers end up working, I could very well not have to get a roommate. Of course, getting a roommate would let me save some money, and that would be a good thing. I picked up a Phoenix today, and I guess I'm going to go ahead and call them tomorrow and place an ad. We'll see what kind of response I get. I think I'll give out my work number, since gettign called at work will be much better than getting called at home.
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