Queue (queue) wrote,

Hey, maybe I'm sick

Blood in my stool this morning at work. Then, later, I was getting hungry, and I started getting a bit jittery (yes, I did have breakfast). Just ate my leftovers, but I noticed that the chicken was a little bloody in the middle. Hmm, probably didn't defrost long enough. It's the same chicken I ate on Tuesday night. Still feeling slightly jittery. It's a weird kind of jittery, localized to the right side of my body. That's pretty fucked up.

So, if I end up dead, let it be known that it was the chicken. Let's hope the other person who ate the chicken doesn't die, as well.

Here's my last will and testament:

Hey, hrafn, I think you'll get the house. The mortgage hasn't been refinanced yet, and I think there's some sort of death clause, where the house gets paid off or something like that. And, uh, you get to dispose of all of my crap. I suggest having a big free-for-all, where everyone who wants stuff gets to run around the house and grab things. I'm sort of thinking like the wedding dress sales at Filene's basement. Hmm, maybe I should bequeath some specific things. So, let's see, theora can have all of my Star Wars stuff, most notably the Empire Strikes Back poster that's hanging in the kitchen. magid can have all of my Shabbat-friendly games, and cthulhia can have the rest of them (except Rush Hour, which goes to theora). treacle_well can have the Sandman comics (damn, I almost got through them a second time). zzbottom can have my video tape and DVD collection. mattlistener can have all of my Perl Jotto programs, and prog gets the rest of my Perl programs. Oh, and for the games, rikchik gets my Brawl decks. Yes, I know he already has them, but he should be able to find a good home for them.

Okay, enough of this. Let's see how much work I can get done today before I keel over.
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