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March 12th, 2003
08:08 pm


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Got home a little before 5 and went to sleep. Woke up around 6:15, but decided to sleep some more. Just got out of bed a little while ago.

I put laundry in the washing machine before I went to sleep, so it's in the dryer now, and the second load is in the washer. Time to make the pie, I guess. Err, guess I'll wash some dishes first. Or, I guess I can wait until I'm done with the pie, so that I can wash all of the dishes at once. Yeah, that sounds like a better plan. Don't think I'll get any editing done tonight, but that's okay. I should be able to get some decent time on it this weekend. And my neck hurts. That's one thing I miss about living with someone: being able to ask for a neck rub. Gonna take some Aleve, and then, when I'm done with pie and dishes, gonna take a bath and go to bed. Still kinda tired. I think I may be in bed by 9, unless I wake up considerably before then.

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