Queue (queue) wrote,


So, I did some fiddling around by hand with this week's puzzle. I didn't find the answer, and I didn't figure I would have time to work on it more or even write a program for it (even though I think all i had to do was modify an existing program). So I went to the Internet Anagram Server. Their advanced search lets you specify, among other things, the maximum number of words to return. So i just told it to return a maximum of two words, and it returned a very short list. The correct answer was there (COMPUTER USER), but i also found a couple of others worth mentioning. COMET PURSUER might actually fit the criteria. I imagine it's quite possible that more than 60% of Americans have seen a comet in their lives. SCROTUM PUREE was just horribly evocative.

Hmm, I really should be concentrating more on work, but I think this might be a reaction from the hard push yesterday to get that batch out. At least I got an attaboy email from my supervisor. That was pretty cool.

And in other breaking news, I am officially working from home on Friday. Yay!

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