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So, I'm finally all caught up on dishes again. It's been over a week. And it's weird that that seems like a long time, now.

I worked from home on Friday, which means I did 2 hours of work on Friday, 3 hours yesterday, and I'm going to do 2 hours today (already did one, just about to do the other). If whatever project I'm currently working on allows it, I think I'm going to try to work from home most Fridays. I really like being able to stretch one day of work out over a weekend. Next Saturday is pretty busy, but that just means I'd have to do more work on Friday, and then probably some on Sunday. If I manage to get up early and get to work, I can probably get in a good 4 or 5 hours on Friday before I have to start thinking about Pi Day. I plan on making one pie ahead of time and one pie the day of. We'll see how things go.

So, now to do an hour of work, then shopping (with possibly some jam-making if there's time), then games. I'm hoping for a Cities & Knights game, but we'll see.

Speaking of work, I finally got to talk to my boss on Thursday. I told him about the impossibility of the deadline, and he said he'd talk to the department heads about getting more pepole. I'd be in charge of getting people going on things and also on divvying things up. We'll see how things break up, and how much help I get on it. Of course, part of me (the biggest part) doesn't want anyone else to work on it, since they wouldn't do as good a job as I would, I'm sure. And, well, it's true for most of the people I've seen so far. Most of the "floating" people, anyway, the people who would be assigned to work on something like this. Oh well.

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