Queue (queue) wrote,

Reflections on a Random Journal

twizedkitty. 20 years old. Apparently living at home with parents in Michigan. She likes to post poetry and poll results. I'm sensing a trend here. The latest poll she took almost tempted me to take it. It's the "What Jesus Would You Be?" Poll. She would be the Jesus with Bunnies. For some reason, I really get off on the mocking-Jesus thing. Maybe it's partially being brought up Catholic, and partially just being . . . can't find a good adjective . . . annoyed at? scornful of? superior to? amused by? all of the "have you been saved?" crap that I've seen. Jesus is my personal savior; we go golfing every Saturday morning. Have you accepted Jesus into your life? Have you been saved? I don't know for sure why it bothers me so much. That bears more thinking about, probably.
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