Queue (queue) wrote,

Reflections on a Random Journal

I think this bio pretty much sums it up:

I aM a ClaRiNeTiZ fRm TkGsSb aNd 2e5... so 2e5'2001 rUlz dA cRoWn! aNd 3rD ClArInEtIz oF tKgSsB rUlz! (",)

This is from the journal of dapooh. A 14-year-old girl from Singapore, who either is a really atrocious speller or is trying to use an alternate language in order to distinguish herself from the rest of us. I have a sinking feeling that a lot of the random journals I read are going to be like this. She has a Geocities website, and I really "phear" going to that.

I don't appear to be in the mood to reflect a whole lot more on this journal. I suppose I could have just picked another random journal. As long as I'm writing something, does it matter if I stick to my original restrictions? Of course, the part of me that can be annoyingly honest says that I have to stick to the rules. Another part of me says that it doesn't matter. I think I'm just going to stick with the first random journal I get, and, if it's not terribly interesting or doesn't stimulate me to write much, that's okay. I'll have written something, and that's the point of this. Write something every day.

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