Queue (queue) wrote,

The week of leftovers

Leftover chicken from Saturday. Leftover salmon from Sunday. Leftover mashed potatoes from Sunday. The chicken will require some picking at the carcass, though, so I might have that for Tuesday dinner. Probably salmon and mashed potatoes for lunch today and tomorrow. I opened up the jar of hot pepper jam (to put on the salmon) (and no one got burned), so I can make some peanut-butter sandwiches with it (probably enough jam for two sandwiches), and I still have a couple of sandwiches worth of the mango-pepper jam. So, yeah, I think I'm pretty close to set for lunch food this week. Yay.

Oh, and, if I forgot to mention it, this month's issue of the Compendium came out on Saturday. I think I might have mentioned it, but I'm too lazy to check.

I've got some work for my new job awaiting me when I get in to work today. It's proofreading PowerPoint slides of lessons, which I did one batch of before. I think I like this a little better than the eTutorial stuff, since I just make marks on printouts of the slides for this one instead of entering the issues into a spreadsheet with the eTutorial stuff. I think this should keep me busy for all of today and maybe most of tomorrow.
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