Queue (queue) wrote,


Wrote a story today as partial trade for dinner. Yum dinner. And I think I'll read the story at the next story reading. I'm sure it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but the two people I've read it to so far have found it amusing. And I had a couple of other ideas for stories as I was thinking about what to write for this one. There was one I would have done, but there's no way I can write a decent, real story in less than a day, so I opted for the silly one. Maybe tomorrow I'll start one of the other ones.

It just sort of hit me that, hey, I actually did some writing. I mean, I actually did it. It's a silly piece of trash, but it's actual writing that I did. That's something of a big deal for me.

Hmm, I guess it's time to publish the compendium, since there's less than an hour of today left.
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