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Bit of a dream - Queue — LiveJournal
March 1st, 2003
07:50 am


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Bit of a dream
I was in some elevator with a couple of people, and one of the told me that she had just heard about majes's LARP and had gone out and gotten something for it. For some reason, the LARP had a Buffy/vampire theme or something. This person pulled out this really long pair of scissors (and I became worried that a fourth person in the elevator, not in our group, would be worried about being stabbed by the scissors) that was painted to look like some kind of vampire or something. I remember the colors black, purple, and white on there, with maybe a little red. I remarked that I had never even thought of painting scissors.

The elevator was kind of weird, in that, at one floor, people in the office just walked through the elevator to get to the other side, and there was no door on the other side, so people walking through had to pay attention to what the elevator was doing. Someone almost got scrunched, but he didn't seem to think it was a big deal, just sort of a nuisance, like we weren't doing things right because this wasn't our office building.

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