Queue (queue) wrote,

Word lists

I'm looking for some help I've got a really exciting project!

So I have my word lists. They contain many, many words. Most of them are very obscure. I want to keep them in there for completeness, but I also want to make some word lists that just contain the "easy" words. These will be useful for word game things and the like.

Anyway, I've got word lists for words of length 3-8. I've already done 3 and 5, and I'm a decent amount of the way through 6. 4 isn't going to be a big deal at all, but I could really use some help with 7 and 8.

What I'd like help with is getting rod of "non-easy" words. Basically, I would send you one of the files (or part of one of the files), and you would go through and delete any words you've never heard of, words that you think of as capitalized, and words that you know but think that reasonably educated people might not know. I'm not looking for this to be terribly precise: I just want to get rid of words no one has ever heard of in order to make some games more playable, and I also want shorter word lists to be able to speed up the simulations that I'm going to be running for my current project (searching a list of 5,000 words is faster than searching a list of 20,000 words and takes less memory). I also want the simulations for my project to be realistic, since it's meant to model what real people might actually find.

So, if anyone would like to help, I can assign you a chunk of a file. Let me know.
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