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Evening - Queue — LiveJournal
February 27th, 2003
04:28 pm


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So, a whole evening ahead of me. Even if I go to bed early like I plan on, like 9, that still gives me four and a half hours to play with. I think I might start up on a programming project (the letter cube game thing) and see where that goes. I have no temptation to read my current book, as it just really isn't grabbing me. And he makes references to things without fully explaining them, and that's a bit annoying. Plus, I don't really know yet exactly what he's talking about. I think I'll press on with it on the bus and T, but not outside of that.

I could write something. I might even have time before my next story reading to write soemthing for that, since I'm not having a story reading in March because of the Pi Day party.

I could start working on the Compendium for next month, which is due out on Saturday. Nah, it's been a slow enough month that I think I can wait until Saturday to do it.

So, looks like some programming first, then we'll see where things go.

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