Queue (queue) wrote,

Bit of a dream

My brother no longer needed his hospital room. I forget if he got better or if he moved to a different one. Anyway, we were already paying for it, so I got to hang out there. A doctor came by, and I got a little nervous/guilty, knowing that I really wasn't supposed to be there, but then I sort of had to remind myself that, since we had paid for the room, it really was okay for me to be there. I was coughing a bit, and the doctor came to look at me. He got quite alarmed, saying it was some kind of sever allergy thing. He said there wasn't anything in the hospital that could explain an allergic reaction like that. Then he said that it looked like cat hair, and that maybe a cat had gotten into the hospital again. He said that cats were always getting in there, and the implication was that they were absolutely not supposed to be there.
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